Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber

Sourcing high quality and sustainable reclaimed lumber. Providing new wood corral systems as well as deconstruction.

Reclaimed Lumber

Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber is a supplier of gray, weathered corral boards and beams, also know as barn wood. The corral boards, enriched with gray patina, are used for a variety of building applications. Our rare material from the mountains of Central Montana are Douglas Fir and Pine, with the majority of reclaimed boards being Douglas Fir. Weathered lumber is full of character and typically stronger than new lumber. It has endured the outdoor elements for years and should no longer shrink or rot.


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Inventory Available:

1in. x 6in.
2in. x 6in.
2in. x 8in.
2in. x 10in.
1in. x 12in.
2in. x 12in.
Inventory subject to change. Contact us for current availability.


Board Uses:

Wall Paneling
Exterior Siding
Rafter Stock
Trim Carpentry


We Supply Directly To:

Commercial Mill Work Companies

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Corral Systems

Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber replaces weathered corral planks with new rough cut, providing ranches a low cost solution for improving animal care facilities. We operate on ranches in Central Montana, primarily Fergus and Petroleum County.


The Benefits

Dramatic Cost Savings
Authentic Look
Reduced Maintenance


How It Works

Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber builds long term relationships with local ranchers. We harvest the gray, weathered corral boards and replace them with new rough cut lumber. New lumber is furnished and installed in exchange for reclaimable weathered boards. Once the new planks turn gray again, the process can be repeated, ensuring well maintained corrals.

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Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber services Fergus County and Petroleum County in Central Montana with lumber provided courtesy of Maxwell Lumber, established in 1991. The lumber is harvested from the Snowy Mountains, Judith Mountains, and Moccasin Mountains, which are located in Fergus County.

Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber carries a commercial general liability policy through First West Insurance in Bozeman, MT. A Montana worker’s compensation policy is also in place. All ranches that work with Treasure State Reclaimed lumber receive insurance certificates.


Local History

The history of Fergus County can be traced back to Custer's Last Stand in 1876. Following the defeat of Col. Custer by the Sioux at Little Bighorn, Fort Maginnis was established in 1880 on the east side of the Judith Mountains. It's mission was to protect cattleman, the Carroll Trail, and the mining town of Maiden from raiding Blackfeet and Sioux, and to encourage settlement in the area. The fort was abandoned in 1890. Fergus County was created in 1886. Petroleum County was part of Fergus County, but became its own county in 1925. The Harris family, founders of Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber, homesteaded the area in 1912 and have remained active in agriculture throughout the years. Currently, they own a ranch located in Petroleum County on the Musselshell River.



Treasure State Reclaimed Lumber and their partners support the concept of sustainability; using resources without using them up. Much of the material gathered by TSR Lumber would be discarded without the presence of mind of these environmentally conscience ranchers. These ranchers not only recycle their lumber, but also use methods that promote sustainability in all aspects of cattle production.


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